Asmodee – Drunken Sailor – The Party Game of Deceit, Drawing, and Sailor Stories


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A party game with insidiousness, drawings and slippery sailor’s yarn. Comes in a nice wooden box.

In Drunken Sailor, you are a group of sailors who brag about heir adventures of the night before.

The players gradually draw the blurry memories of last night. Only the Drunken Sailor can not remember anything. He tries to remain unrecognized and easy to spot.

Both sides have to be careful – if the drunken sailor draws too little, he becomes suspicious for the others. In turn, they should not draw so much that it is clear to Drunken Sailor what is being drawn.

After the drawing board has gone around twice, it is voted who could be the Drunken Sailor! If he is caught, he can only win himself out by calling the secret term – otherwise the others will win!