Battlefront – Flames of War – British Desert Rats Decal Pack


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This British decal set covers the forces of the Britain and includes divisional and regimental insignias and tactical markings. It can be used for Mid-war British armoured forces.

Contains 4x Desert Rats Sheet.

Sheet features: 4 different Armoured Division Insignia, representing the 1st Armoured (Rhino), 6th Armoured (mailed fist), 7th Armoured (Desert Rats) and 10th Armoured (fox head).

Regimental Tactical Numbers: 40 for the senior, 86 for the 2nd and 67 for the junior armoured regiments, and 60 for the motor battalion, all in red for the senior Brigade.

You also get the tactical geometric symbols to identify your squadrons in your armoured regiment. Red for the senior regiment, yellow for the 2nd regiment and blue for the junior regiment. The triangles are for A squadron, squares for B Squadron and circles for C squadron.