Battlefront – Flames of War WWII – German Dietrich’s Ghosts Starter Box (GEAB16)


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Contains three plastic Panzer III tanks, three plastic Panzer IV tanks, two plastic Tank Commander sprue, four, 10.5 cm Howitzers, two plastic Gun Crew sprues, one mini 4th Flames Of War rulebook, two Decal sheets and eleven Unit cards.

The dust got into everything. Feldwebel Unger tied his handkerchief tighter across his nose and mouth, knowing it would make little difference, he could already feel the grit against his teeth. His platoon was sweeping across the steppes of the Eastern Ukraine, chasing the broken remnants of many Soviet armies. His Panzer IV had made it through a harsh winter and savage Red Army attacks around Kharkov, but now they were pushing back.

Panzer III

The bulk of the panzer regiment in 1942 was equipped with the reliable Panzer III tank. Early versions of the tank gave exceptional service, but were under-armoured when Soviet medium tanks arrived in numbers. Uparmoured panzers arrived later in the year, putting the tanks back on an even footing.

The latest model of the Panzer III uses the newly perfected HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) ammunition in its short 7.5cm gun. This gives it the penetrative power of a much longer weapon. As HEAT relies on explosive energy rather than brute force to penetrate armour, its effectiveness does not reduce with range.

Panzer IV

One company from each panzer battalion was equipped with Panzer IV tanks. By 1942, these medium companies were a mix of short and long barrelled tanks.

As more and more Soviet T-34 tanks began to show up on the battlefield, the older shortbarrelled Panzer IVs began to be pushed into an auxiliary role, supporting the more powerful long-barrelled tanks with valuable artillery fire and smoke screens.

10.5cm Howitzer

The 10.5cm leFH18 light field howitzer’s main mission was to support German attacks and to shatter enemy counterattacks before they reached their objective. They also provided a base of fire in a last-ditch line of defence.

The 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer has the range to drop an artillery bombardment wherever needed on the battlefield. It also has the calibre to deliver enough explosives to dig infantry and guns out of their fortifications.