Battlefront – Team Yankee World War III Battles Hammerfall Starter Set (TYBX01)


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Contains two plastic M1 Abrams tanks, three plastic T-64 tanks,Tank Commander sprues, one Team Yankee mini rulebook, one Hammerfall ‘Start Here’ booklet, two Terrain Cards, six dice and four Unit cards.

Hammerfall is your introduction to the exciting world of Team Yankee, the world’s
most popular World War III miniatures game.

The M1 Abrams
The M1 Abrams’ NATO-standard 105mm gun fires the latest long-rod, fin-stabilised ammunition, giving it incredible penetrating power. This time-tested gun combines remarkably compact rounds for a high rate of fire, with a deadly effect against almost any type of target. Its advanced stabiliser, laser rangefinder, and thermal imager allow it to hit targets at any range while moving rapidly across any terrain, whether by day or by night.
Crew survivability is another focus of this superb design. The tank’s ready-use ammunition is all stored in an armoured compartment at the back of the tank. If the ammunition is hit, blow-out panels on the top of the turret ensure the crews survival. If the tank doesn’t blow up immediately when it’s hit, the crew know they are safe to continue fighting. Overall, the M1 Abrams is perhaps the best tank in existence, with a good balance between the triad of mobility, protection, and firepower.

The T-64
The T-64 is armed with the excellent smooth bore 125mm 2A46 gun, which fires high-explosive, high-explosive fragmentation, and armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot rounds. By the 1980s, the Soviet forces in East Germany had replaced most of their tanks with the T-64 tank. The T-64 can fire Kobra (NATO designation AT-8 Songster)
anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary rounds. The missiles have a maximum range of 4000 metres and a hit probability of about 80%. The fully stabilised gun and sight system allowed the missiles to be fired on the move, unlike many other guided missiles. Not all T-64 tanks are armed with the Kobra missile, and some tanks were manufactured without the missile guidance system.