Bot War Miniature Game – Deceivers – Dissenters


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This set comes with enough parts to make 3 x Dissenters. (Note – some extra parts to make variations)

When the Deceivers were freed their code flowed into the ether. Some of these codes were more at home in the ether than others.

Those known as the Dissenters, unlike some of the Deceivers, impressed their malevolent code into the hearts and minds of humanity. While they were incapable of possessing people who they cannot align their code with, their very presence was still a source of negative pressure on the psyche. Unfortunately these effects took place towards the beginning of the first Atlantican war and this severely handicapped the defence effort.

This group of Deceivers forms a caste within Deceiver hierarchy, much like the seven sins. While the sins have quite individualist traits and code, the Dissenters have much closer codes. Often with only 20 or 30 coded lines in difference. There are many many Dissenters, and these Air Warriors make up the bulk of the Deceiver forces, not counting Mirror Warriors.

The most well known are –
However others have been seen or heard of such as Corruptor, Horror and Spite.

This is a RESIN multipart kit.

This set comes with 3 x 50mm round black plastic bases.

Assembly required. Superglue required. Models supplied unpainted.