Bot War Miniature Game – Valiants – Ironskin, Code Red & Phantom


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This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Ironskin, 1x Phantom, 1 x Code Red.

Ironskin is a tough Bot that doesn’t take any guff from anyone. He has no pity for fools. Despite this, Ironskin is the Bot that has most readily adapted to earth culture and especially earth’s greatest TV action shows.

Code Red
Hot headed and arrogant, Code Red often has to shoot his way out of the trouble he gets into. Equipped with dual custom blasters made by master smith Eregorn, he has survived many Deceiver traps through sheer damage output.

Phantom was among the few Valiants destroyed on impact with earth. Like Ironskin, his code was somehow mixed with earth tv signals which in turn affected the physical appearance of his new body. Phantom has a keen and discerning mind, he is often called upon to discover or unearth Deceiver created mysteries. A keen detective, Phantom seems drawn into solving mysteries wherever he goes.

In battle, Phantom has a special ability that he did not have prior to his destruction. He can bend light around his form to become completely invisible for short periods of time. Like a Phantom. This ability has proven an invaluable tool in the Bot War and it was Phantom that foiled Snake Corps plans to construct a secret desert base in Democracy territory. Also it was a heavily damaged Phantom that forced Omen to retreat from his raid on the coastal Democracy city.

This is a resin multipart kit.

This set comes with 3 x 40mm round black plastic bases.

Assembly required. Superglue required. Models supplied unpainted.