Bot War Miniature Game – Valiants – Longstride, Steelia & Rielse


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This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Longstride, 1 x Rielse, 1 x Steelia

Immediately after arriving on earth Steelia was lost through a breach in the Valiant vessel hull. Thought to be gone for good she was found by a wandering Beastlord and passed to a warband of nomadic Trashers for repairs. She spent a year with the Trasher warband before being rescued by a Valiant patrol.

Already a gifted mechanic, Steelia’s time with the Trashers enhanced her knowledge ten fold. Now Steelia spends most of her time in her workshop tinkering with new weapons systems or enhancements. Not always are these inventions beneficial and her workshop shows the scars of countless failures. However these are offset by some truly amazing gizmos and do hickeys.

This is a Resin multipart kit.

This set comes with 1 x 50mm and 2 x 32mm round black plastic bases.

Assembly required. Superglue required. Models supplied unpainted.