FFG – Star Wars Legion – Separatist Alliance – AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank

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Star Wars is almost a cultural rite of passage. Parents remember it fondly and enjoy introducing their children to the ‘proper’ films and ignoring some of the newer entries.

It makes excellent fodder for board games and a number have been released. Most successful of these is arguably X-Wing. The dog fighting game set in a galaxy far far away.

This is a serious game of warfare and it’s worth noting that the minis in the game come unassembled and unpainted. They are designed to fit together well and will only need a bit of superglue.

The rule set governs command in an intuitive way and allows for fog of war and moments of chaos as a real laser battle would no doubt descend into!

This AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank is a heavy tank that can be added to your Separatist Army. The model comes unpainted and unassembled and can be built with a droid sticking out the hatch or not as you please. It also provides eight upgrade cards and a unit card.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.