Gale Force Nine Family Guy Mouth Full Of Blanks Game Booster


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Now you and your friends, along with your pets, your boss, that jerk at work who keeps going on and on about his fantasy team, your favorite bar, and that cool catchphrase you used to say all the time in high school but now looking back you realize it wasn’t that cool, can all join the fun of Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game with the Mouth Full of BLANKS Game Booster!

Mouth Full of Blanks is a set of Blank Word Cards featuring every category and character from Stewie’s Sexy Party Game. GF9 couldn’t “go there” but with a Mouth Full of Blanks Game Booster, you can absolutely “go there”. Go ahead, add your own People, Places, Actions, Descriptions, Things and Quotes to the game, we won’t tell!

Mouth Full of Blanks also contains DP Bonus Cards. Shuffle these cards into the Word Deck. Whenever you score with the Family Guy character shown on the DP card, you score twice the number of Martini Points. That’s some hot DP action right there!