Games Workshop – Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine Heroes – Series 2 – Terminators


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Space Marines are Mankind’s foremost defenders. They stand against the darkness, gene-forged might and deadly weapons making them the ultimate warriors of the 41st Millennium. The Blood Angels are among the greatest of the Space Marine Chapters, heroes whose angelic visages and finely decorated armour hide a dark secret – a thirst for blood that will one day overwhelm them and drive them to madness.

Space Marine Heroes Series 2 brings you a selection of these noble lords of battle. From Sergeant Victorno, with his deadly thunder hammer, to the explosive cyclone missile launcher of Brother Ebellius, each bears different weapons with which to smite their foes.

Collect all 9!

Each box contains one random Space Marine Terminator model, supplied unassembled & unpainted.