Mantic – Kings of War – Armada – Basileans – Elohi Ship


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Much like their namesakes, Elohi-class ships provide a light of hope in the darkest times. Upon the prow of each vessel is a heavenly beacon, whose blue flame burns for as long as the Elohi grace the Basilean fleet with their beatific presence. Only when the last Elohi falls in battle do the flames flicker and die – a very rare occurrence, for the angelic warriors of the Shining Ones are mighty indeed.

Some of these swift, manoeuvrable twin-masted vessels are doubly blessed by the Elohi, their golden chasings thrumming with the power of the aegis, turning aside cannonballs and even destructive spells.

1x Basliean Elohi
1x ship card
1x 70mm x 30mm mdf base

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.