Mantic – Kings of War – Armada – Empire of Dust – Slave Squadrons

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At the head of the fleet, the Empire of Dust deploy flotillas of slave-galleys, toiling under the lashes of their Ahmunite masters even in undeath. By the rites of the High Priests, the slave guardians are sacrificed – cannonballs that should have struck a War Galley instead sink a smaller vessel; a Revenant that falls during a boarding action miraculously stands again, while a slave-guardian nearby becomes a corpse once more. It is a sacrifice that the guardians make willingly, knowing that at last they can find rest in the embrace of their own gods.

2 Resin Empire of Dust Slave Squadrons (4 boats)
2 ship cards
2 30mm x 30mm mdf bases.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.