Mantic – Deadzone – Forge Fathers – Faction Starter


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The Brokkrs arrive to strip whatever profit they can from the planet, backed by a bodyguard of Steel Warriors and Forge Guard, lest they run into any problems they can’t talk their way out of.

This set contains enough components to build 20 bespoke hard plastic and premium plastic multi-part models, including:
10 Steel Warriors
Flame Thrower, Autocannon, Magma Cannon and Missile Launcher Weapon Options
Command Upgrade Components
5 Forge Guard
Autocannon, Magma Cannon, and Missile Launcher Weapon Options
Forge Guard Huscarl
4 Brokkrs
Muspell Pattern Magma Rifle.
25mm Round Plastic Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic models require super glue.