Mantic Games – Kings of War – 3rd Ed Rulebook Gamer’s Bundle – Pre-order


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We’ve created the Gamers Bundle for competitive players of Kings of War. With this bundle you get the limited edition hardback rulebook, a digital rulebook for easy reference on the go, Kings of War nerve dice, updated Third Edition Spell & Artefact Cards and the Scenario and Objective Pack.

Contains the following:

Hardback rulebook
Welcome to Kings of War, and prepare to rally your forces to fight epic battles in the best and biggest fantasy mass-battle game. Choose your side and then command an army of Mantic miniatures to represent incredible armies such as the stoic and pious Basileans, or plot your opponent’s downfall with the wicked forces of the Abyss. With a huge variety of models and armies to choose from and many stories to tell, Kings of War is truly an amazing experience

Kings of War Nerve Dice (2)
See if your unit survives with the Kings of War Nerve Dice.

Kings of War Third Edition Spell & Artefact Cards
Updated for Third Edition this 64-card deck includes the rules for every spell and magic artefact from the new rulebook.

Scenario and Objective Pack
Designed to be used alongside the new scenarios in Third Edition, this pack includes seven plastic objective markers, 10 loot counters and 10 bluff counters.

Digital Book
Make sure you’re never without your copy of Third Edition! In this bundle, you’ll receive a printed code to download the digital version of the rulebook from the Mantic website.