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The Trained Bands are the most common troops in the Shire Army. Many so-called Braves that are drafted to the Bands are not full-time soldiers, although they are better trained than some militias found elsewhere. They typically have padded leather armour and wooden shields or bucklers, and carry a variety of weapons.

Some Trained Bands are organised and equipped as light cavalry riding highly trained miniature aralez. Their primary mission is scouting and skirmishing, but on the battlefield they will harass the enemy with ranged fire and protect the army’s flanks, charging into melee if absolutely necessary.

Each Halfling Battlegroup sprue provides 10 infantry and 5 cavalry

20x Plastic Halfling Infantry
10x Plastic Halfling Cavalry
20x 20mm Square Base
10x MDF Cavalry Base

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.