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Depth Horrors are terrifying to behold. Ugly creatures that dwell at the bottom of the seas, they live at depths devoid of all light. On the darkest of days, the alpha beasts will emerge – the Eternals.

A Siren lives with an unfathomable grief, and her haunting song as she pines for a love returned ripples across the ocean, luring unfortunates to their eventual doom when they do not live up to her warped and broken dreams.

Commanding several clutches in close co-ordination, a Riverguard captain works closely with his Neritican peers, orchestrating clever and punishing battlefield manoeuvres.

It takes a strong will to lead the vicious naiads to war, and a keen mind to lead them to victory. The Naiad Centurions possess both, having waged war for at least a century before assuming command. These peerless warriors are supported by Envoys – fiercely loyal messengers who travel between the battle lines.


1 x Resin Siren

1 x Plastic Depth Horror Eternal

1 x Resin Riverguard Captain

1 x Resin Naiad Centurion

MDF Bases

Supplied unpainted and unassembled

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