Mantic Games – Kings of War: Vanguard – Abyssal Dwarf – Warband Set


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Twisted, evil parodies of their mountain-dwelling brethren, they Abyssal Dwarfs make use of slaves to bolster their numbers and dark technologies to rain fire and destruction on their foes.

10 hard plastic Blacksouls/Decimators
1 resin Overmaster
1 resin Mobile Katsuchan
Vanguard cards for 5x Decimator, 5x Blacksoul, 1x Immortal Guard, 1x Mobile Katsuchan, 1x Abyssal Halfbreed, 3x Slave Orc, 1x Iron Caster, 2x Mutated Mastiff, 1x Warband Reference Card and 1x Spells Reference Card

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Super glue is required for Resin models, plastic glue is recommended for hard plastic models.