Mantic Games – Kings of War: Vanguard – Ogres – Warband Booster


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Beside every ferocious ogre, is an even more ferocious ogre yelling orders and, more often than not, trying to get ahead and get stuck in first. Berserker Bullies and Boomer Sergeants are prime examples of ogres that love to inspire their troops and lead from the front. They are not subtle, and nor are the snapping crocodogs that they keep as hungry pets.

Resin Ogre Berserker Bully
Resin Ogre Boomer Sergeant
3 Resin Ogre Crocodogs
Warband Cards;
Crocodog x 3
Berserker Brave
Boomer Sergeant
Berserker Bully

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Super glue is required for Resin miniatures.

Requires Kings of War Vanguard: Rulebook to play.