Mantic Games – Kings of War: Vanguard – Trident Realm – Warband Set


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The kingdoms of the Trident Realm are proud and territorial, and can commit to violence with little provocation. The lord of any land-bound territory would be wise to treat their inlets and coasts cautiously, lest they stir the fierce Neriticans who claim them as their own. When the Trident Realm stirs the very seas boil –storms rage, waves crash upon coastlines and the tides rise only to retreat, revealing the Neritican host, water cascading off shells and armour, and ready for war.

10 Hard Plastic Naiad Ensnarers/Heartpiercers,
2 Resin Thuul,
1 Resin Thuul Mythican,
1 Metal Naiad Centurion,
and Trident Realm Vanguard Deck.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue. Requires Kings of War Vanguard: Rulebook to play.