Mantic Games – The Walking Dead – All Out War – Anthology Rulebook


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The Anthology book is a handy one-stop-shop for all the published rules for the smash hit The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game. The rules are updated with all the latest changes and FAQs. The book also includes a host of new exciting content and scenarios and new ways of playing for All Out War, along with the Call to Arms and Here’s Negan Walking Dead games, also from Mantic. Will you survive!?

Core rules for The Walking Dead: All Out War
Rules for Large Games and Alliances
Scenario Play – including six new PvP scenarios and All Out War Mega Scenario
Campaign Play
Narrative Campaigns (Days Gone Bye, Miles Behind Us, Safety Behind Bars, Made to Suffer and Fear the Hunters)
Three new scenarios for The Walking Dead: Call to Arms
Two new scenarios for Here’s Negan: The Board Game
Here’s Rick!