Mantic Games – The Walking Dead – Call to Arms – Prisoner Booster Pack


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As the name suggests, Call to Arms represents larger scale conflicts. The lone travelers struggling to survive in what’s left of the world have now formed communities, built walls, and gathered arms. However, the harsh conditions outside their walls have led these groups to fear the outside world. They see other groups as a threat to their very existence – no longer are the dead the only ones to fear

The inmates of the Meriwether County correctional Facility who survived the outbreak found a new lease of life. Although they were isolated by the walkers outside, they were able to live freely within the confines of the prison. Unfortunately, other factions looked with envious eyes towards the prison, planning to take it by force. The inmates will need to choose a side in the coming battle.

Contents: 4 Plastic Survivors Dexter, Axel, Andrew, Thomas; 5 Character Cards; and 2 Equipment Cards. Supplied assembled and unpainted.