Miniature Wargames Magazine – Issue 455 – March 2021 – Hostages Taken


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Inside this month’s issue:

A modern skirmish scenario + WWII, Oathmark, Sharp Practice, Viking scenarios, Covid Gaming, an ECW Siege, Duke Siefried + news and reviews.
They’ve Taken Hostages! – a modern skirmish scenario.
Command Decision: Kuban Bridgehead: WWII Eastern.
Armies Of Morgoth: using Oathmark rules for Tolkien.
A Cold Wind To Valhalla: Four Viking Steel! scenarios.
Wargaming Under Covid: Tips & Tricks.
Hooke’s Castle: an ECW Siege Scenario.
Send 3 and 4 pence: A scenario for Sharp Practice.
Uncle Duke: A wargames legend from the USA.
Virtual Gaming: Real figures, Virtual Grids, social distance!
Practical Wargames Scenery: A Theme Park Cottage.
Last Word by Bob Cordery.

All the usual news and reviews.