Test Of Honour – Ninjas Of Iga – Metal Boxed Set


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Warlord Games – Test Of Honour – The Samurai Miniatures Game
Ninjas Of Iga

Hiding in the shadows, creeping in the corner of your eyes, the Ninja of Iga have selected you as their next target…

Masters of stealth, ninjitsu, both hand to hand and weapon combat, the ninja is an unprecedented threat on the battlefield, even a skilled samurai has to be cautious when fighting against a ninja!

Armed with ninjato, kamas, sais, throwing knives, tekko-kagi, even shuriken and a grappling hook, they use a variety of tools to overwhelm their opponents. Keeping their armour minimal, the ninja highly prioritises sheer offensive force to defeat their enemy.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.