Wargames Soldiers & Strategy – Issue 114 – Germany’s Infamous Big Cats On The Prowl


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Special Feature: Germany’s ‘big cats’ during WWII
Eoghan Kelly and Guy Bowers, ‘The evolution of the German cats – Only movement brings victory’.
Mark Backhouse, ‘Panther counterattack near Saint-LĂ´, 11th July 1944 – Ursula and Elna’.
Nick Skinner, ‘Using big cats and big guns in urban fighting – Tanks about town’.
Mark Backhouse, ‘Gaming with German reconnaissance – Stalking with the fast cats’.
Steve Shann, ‘The Battle for Schönfliess, 16 April 1945 – The royal tiger’s last roar’.
Guy Bowers, ‘A survey of German armour models – Cool cats!’.
John Morris, ‘Painting vehicles for the rest of us – Fake it until you make it’.

Ian Beal, ‘The Battle of Salem Cemetery, 19 December 1862 – The men poured in a deadly volley’.
Jeff Jonas, ‘The Great King’s gambit to defeat a pesky foe – Killing Alexander’.
Robert Sadler and Andrew Barclay, ‘The climactic battle at the 1565 Siege of Malta – The last day of St Elmo’s’.
Joe Bilton, ‘Added realism with MDF: WWII terraced housing – Making it real’.
Colin Farrant, ‘”Oh come on! Nobody’s favourite colour is brown!” – Painting gabions’.

Miniature reviews
Rich Clarke, ‘Up front’.
Kieran Lyons, ‘The Irregular – Humour in wargaming’.
Rossco and Raif Watkins, ‘Science fiction wargaming in a sandbox galaxy – Let’s play Stargrave’.
David Davies and Chris King, ‘Battalion-level WWII action from Reisswitz Press – Let’s play ‘O’ Group’.
Eoghan Kelly and Guy Bowers, ‘Game reviews – Feudal Patrol, BelloLudi World War II, Glory: 1861 and Fear of the Dark’.
Book reviews
Parting shots