Wargames Soldiers & Strategy No.109 – Fighting in the Graveyard of Empires


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Special Feature: Warfare in Afghanistan
Jeff Jonas, ‘Wargaming in Afghanistan through the ages – The graveyard of empires’.
Jeff Jonas, ‘Alexander the Great’s campaign in Afghanistan – The land of bones’.
Mark Backhouse, ‘Gaming the 1880 Battle of Maiwand – Bloodbath for the ‘biscuit boys’.
Colin Murray, ‘War in Afghanistan during the Age of Jazz – The Magutsabad incident’.
Nick Bennett, ‘The Cold War Soviet invasion of Afghanistan – The zinky boys’.
Guy Bowers, ‘Building an Afghan wargaming army – The venom of the cobra’.
Toby Thornton, ‘The Battle of Kandahar, 1 September, 1880 – Bravery against all odds’.

Sam Ralphs, ‘The lighthouse on Penzenskaya Street – Pavlov’s House’.
Daniel Mersey, ‘The Battle of Bremule, 20 August 1119 – He who charges rashly often fails’.
Jan Gradon, ‘Modular wargaming tiles for dummies – Slot together scenery’.
AndrĂ©s Amian, ‘How to paint a dwarven army in 28mm – Sons of Khazad’.

Miniature reviews
Rick Priestley, ‘This gaming life – Changing times and an invitation’.
Henry Hyde, ‘Tabletop tactics – A crossroads campaign’.
Nick Skinner, ‘The Irregular – Umpiring Kriegsspiel’.
John Savage, ‘The new Roman ruleset from TooFatLardies – Let’s play Infamy, Infamy!’.
David Davies, Eoghan Kelly, Chris King, and Chris Payne, ‘Game reviews – Mortem et Gloriam, H.G. Wells’ Little Wars, Rangers of Shadow Deep: Across the Wastes, and Blitzkrieg’.
Book reviews
Parting shots