Wargames Soldiers & Strategy No.99 – Fighting Friends Of The First Empire


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Special Feature: Napoleon’s allied armies

Adrian McWalter, ‘Foreign and allied troops in the Grande Armée – Napoleon’s allies’.
Adrian McWalter, ‘Maloyaroslavets, 24 October 1812 – The battle of the Italians’.
Michael Leck, ‘The British and Danish fight at Køge – The Træskoslaget (Battle of the clogs)’.
Derek Bruce, ‘Bavarians versus Austrians – First clash at Landshut’.
Guy Bowers, ‘A look at Napoleon’s allied armies – Allies of L’Empereur’.
Andrés Amián, ‘Danish versus Cossacks at Rahlstedt – Hussars at Hamburg’.


Guy Bowers, ‘A bitesize fighting retreat… from the air – Spitfires over Dunkirk’.
Mark Backhouse, ‘Turf wars and street fighting in ancient Rome – Tales from the Caelian’.
Backhouse, ‘Adapting W.A.T. to historical scenarios – What a Tanker into Normandy’.
Mark Unsworth, ‘Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Games Challenge runner-up – Dreadnought’.
Tony Harwood, ‘Constructing a Neolithic mound – Making Newgrange’.
Piers Brand, ‘Adding the weatherworn look to DAK vehicles – Weathering the desert’.


Miniature reviews
Rick Priestley, ‘Controversial’.
Henry Hyde, ‘Tabletop tactics – Artillery’s evolution’.
Martyn Braun, ‘The irregular – Being a “rules lawyer” is good’.
Peter van Dop, ‘Let’s play: making a good ruleset better? Black Powder second edition’.
David Davies, Eoghan Kelly, and Ian Woolfenden, ‘Game reviews – Enemy at the Gates, The Red Book of the Elf King, Sons of Mars, and America’s Olde West’.
Book reviews
Parting shots