Warlord Games – 2000AD – Strontium Dog – Mork Riders


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Bounty Hunters often need to track their quarry into the wildlands beyond towns and cities, and on many worlds the indigenous Morks are the mount of choice.

These bipedal mammals combine speed and durability with a seemingly high tolerance of radiation making them ideal steeds for bounty hunter and outlaw alike. Mork farms are not an unusual sight in the homesteads on the fringes of civilisation.

Johnny Alpha and his Viking partner Wulf Sternhammer make good use of Morks on many of their bounty-hunting jobs – from tackling the vicious alien outlaws Bubo and his gang of Howler Bad Boys to protecting alien farmsteaders from bullying neighbours intent on driving the Search/Destroy agents out. Allying speed and resilience, Morks can reliably get them to where they need to be – much to the chagrin of their quarry!

Box contains:

1 metal miniature of Johnny Alpha on Mork

1 metal miniature of Wulf Sternhammer on Mork

2 Character cards

1 Armoury cards: Medipac

2 Chicanery cards: Can I Borrow That?, Counter-attack

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted