Warlord Games – 2000AD – Strontium Dog – The Kreelers


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Riding a wave of anti-mutant sentiment, rich civic leader Nelson Bunker Krellman was elected to New British Parliament largely due to his anti-mutie rhetoric. On his election, he began enacting anti-mutant laws that forbade mutants from owning property, having jobs, or even congregating on the streets.

To enforce the harsh new laws Kreelman’s quasi-official anti-mutant ‘peacekeeping’ patrols, the Kreelers, inflict brutality upon the mutants living in a New Britain devastated by nuclear war, sending many of the more able-bodied to work in experimental labour camps far from the populace.

Arch anti-mutant politician Nelson B. Kreelman is also the mutant hero, Johnny Alpha’s father…

This box contains:
5 Metal Kreeler Miniatures – 1 Leader and 4 Patrolmen
3 Character Cards
1 Armoury Card: Rapid Fire Setting
4 Chicanery Cards: Behind you, Distraction, Pile in! and All’s Well that Ends Well…

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted