Warlord Games – Beyond The Gates Of Antares – Boromite Work Gang


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The Boromites were genetically engineered in the distant past to enable them to undertake hard, physical tasks in hostile alien environments, such as asteroid mining and magma extraction. Today they form an itinerant work force, hostile and contemptuous of other, weaker humanoids, homeless wanderers and hardened warriors loyal only to their insular Labour Guilds. Few human mutants are anything like as tough or as brutally strong as the Boromites, and none can survive the same extremes of temperature, pressure or atmospheric toxicity.

Work Gangs carry weaponry adapted from mining machinery – a kind of compression device called a mass compactor. These are large and cumbersome machines, which the incredibly strong Boromites somehow manage with relative ease. Mass compactors have only a short range compared to most Antarean weapons, but their effect is devastating, crunching through solid materials and imploding the most hardened defences as if they were mere egg shells.

Contains the following metal models:

1 Boromite Work Gang leader with mag pistol and mass compactor
5 Boromite Gangers with mass compactors

Base type shown is for illustrative purpose only, standard 25mm x 25mm bases included