Warners Group – Tabletop Gaming Magazine – April 2021


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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, The Initiative and our Zinequest 3 picks all landing in this issue of Tabletop Gaming

What’s in this Issue?
Monster Hunter World: The Board Game – We get up close to the biggest monsters ever made by Steamforged, and this is the publisher responsible for Dark Souls: The Board Game, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Devil May Cry. Plus, never before seen photography of the miniatures.

The Initiative – Corey Konieczka’s first game at his new Unexpected Games looks to be a ground breaking code-cracking spy kids thriller.

Cantaloop – a true love letter to point and click adventures, now on your tabletop. It’s noy often a game starts off by asking you to break into prison. We get scoop on this game ten years in the making.

Zinequest 3 – we get hyped about some of our favourite projects from the recent Kickstarter Zinequest event. We think these little RPGs

Studio Profile: Brotherwise Games – Can you hear the call to adventure? Find out how these brothers became their own boss monsters.

Painting Guide – Bone and Scales. In this technique guide, using Wargame Atlantic miniatures, Andy Leighton gives you some tips to brush up on that can be applied nearly anywhere.

29 Games Reviewed and rated – get the verdict on 29 games including Dwellings of Eldervale, Aquatica, Cantaloop, Wildlands: The Ancients, Soulbound: Champions of Order, X-Men Mutant Insurrection, Cosmic Frog, Era: Medieval, Smash Up: Marvel, Nomids, and many more!