Warners Group Tabletop Gaming Magazine February 19 + Free Late Night Alias Card


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FREE Late Night Alias promo card – two to collect!

Res Arcana: Race for the Galaxy designer Tom Lehmann conjures up his next magical card game. We’ve got a first look!

Wingspan: As Elizabeth Hargrave’s gorgeous strategy game takes flight, the designer tells us about bringing 170 (!) unique birds to her major debut.

Anomaly: Having unscrambled party fun in Decrpyto, Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance fights for survival in his tense sci-fi board game.

Designer duos: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we hook up with the perfect pairs behind some of gaming’s best experiences.

Reichbusters: Project Vril: Time of Legends studio Mythic returns to smash zombie Nazis in its OTT co-op game.

How We Made Hive: John Yianni on the unlikely success of his phenomenal insect-filled abstract game.

Build: Meet the 12-year-old British designer whose Geography homework became a board game that could change the world

Cubiko Games: Gavin Birnbaum has been crafting beautiful wooden games for the last decade. We catch up with the designer as his ingenious auction game Q.E. expands his cult success.

Gen7: A Crossroads Game
Pandemic: Fall of Rome
Warhammer 40,000 RPG: Wrath & Glory
Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game
Western Legends
Forbidden Lands RPG
Shadows: Amsterdam
Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth
Cerebria: The Inside World
Passing Through Petra
Duelosaur Island
+ more!