Warners Group – Tabletop Gaming Magazine – January 2021


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What’s in this Issue?

Exclusive cover art from Agemonia

30 Reviews inside

Agemonia – explore one of the most exciting adventure board games of 2021 in our exclusive interview.

Neverland – Andrew Kolb takes us on a tour of Neverland, a Peter Pan inspired hexcrawl

RPGs for Kids – We speak to the creators of No Thank You, Evil!, Young Adventurer series of books, and Animal Adventures about getting kids into RPGs

Jaws of the Lion – we have a catch up with Isaac Childres to chat about the small-box outing of Gloomhaven

Black Rose Wars – Mages clash the lodge of the black rose in this wizarding battle that sees the world crumble under the pressure of magical energy.

How to Paint Zombies – In our Resident Evil 2 Painting Guide