Warners Group – Tabletop Gaming Magazine – July 2020


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Mariposas – How does one follow up 2019’s game of the year? We find out with Elizabeth Hargrave, talking about Mariposas, a game about an epic mutli-generational migration of butterflies from Mexico to Eastern North America, and back again.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – We talk to Stanislav Kordonskiy (Dice Hospital) about his Euro-war-game and the controversies that it kicked up upon its release. We crack open the murky history books of Eastern Europe and tease out it’s untapped potential for gaming.

Studio Profile: itten – We explore the works of itten, a design studio best known for Tokyo Highway, and a slew of other interesting games. We talk to the team behind the games, and learn how they sculpt games from the air.

Lords of Vegas 10th Anniversary – What happens in Vegas… is discussed here. We talk to James Ernest and Mike Selinker about their seminal display of greed, ten years on.

How We Made: Suburbia – We talk to Ted Alspach about his city sprawl sim, and how ti came to be a hit.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party: This may be the most peaceful Tolkien game ever made, as well as being the ultimate prequal. We interview Daniel Falconer about bringing this lighthearted game to life.

Played and reviewed:
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev
Undaunted: North Africa
Pathfinder: Bestiary 2
Underwater Cities
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition
Monster Baby Rescue
Ni No Kuni II: The Board Game
Lost Citadel
Time Stories: The Hadal Project
Break the Code