Warners Group – Tabletop Gaming Magazine – October 2020


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What’s in the issue:

Carcassonne – we explore the tile-laying classic at 20 years old, and review and rate every expansion.

Escape the Dark Sector – We talk to Thomas Pike about Themeborne’s follow up to Escape the Dark Castle. This time we’re armed, trained, and ready for the hoardes of monsters we’ll be facing down in this weird space station. We talk laser weapons, sci-fi movies and dying in space.

Jordan Draper – We talk to the designer of the Tokyo… series of games who designs his components before he designs his games. We discuss this strange design process and how it leads to games that feel like ‘pure play’.

Super Blood Harvest – Dirk Leichty, the illustrator behind indie RPG darling Troika! has created an entirely wild game system, Super Blood Harvest. We talk about the game and the artist behind it, discovering the best course of action for dealing with psychic space vampires.

Lost Ruins of Arnak – Sometimes you have to make a culture to lose it. That’s exactly what Mín and Elwen did. We explore the ruins of this upcoming games from Cazech Games Edition.

PLUS 31 Games Reviewed in this issue:

Escape the Dark Sector
Marvel Villainous
Hard City
Village Green
Top of the Pops: The Game
High Rise
7 Wonders Second Edition
Ticket To Ride Amsterdam
Forgotten Waters