Wizkids – Star Trek Attack Wing – Dominion Faction Pack – The Cardassian Union


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Add a new fleet of the most ruthless species from the Alpha quadrant to your Star Trek: Attack Wing collection today with this new faction pack! Bolster your Dominion forces with two all-new Keldon Class ships, a Galor Class, and Gul Dukat’s Bird-of-Prey! Pilot those ships with Gul Evek, Gul Toran, and Gul Dukat all under the command of the Obsidian Order’s Enabran Tain! Outfit your deadly armada with some of the fiercest Cardassians including Gul Broca, Gul Damar, Tora Ziyal, and Korinas and powerful technology and weaponry including the Enhanced Resonance Field Grid, Sensor Ghost, and Uridium Alloy! Dominate your opponents the Cardassian Way!

8 Ship Cards
3 Captain Cards
1 Admiral Card
4 Crew Upgrade Cards
3 Elite Talent Upgrade Cards
3 Weapon Upgrade Cards
4 Tech Upgrade Cards
1 Question Mark Upgrade Card
4 Maneuver Cards
4 Mission Cards
4 Ship Tokens
4 Maneuver Dials
8 Captain ID Tokens
1 Admiral Token (+2)
13 Shield Tokens
11 Effect Tokens
4 Pre-painted Plastic Ships
4 Plastic Bases
8 Plastic Pegs
4 Maneuver Dial Connector Pieces

Not a complete game.
Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Set required to play.