Stock Update 18/04/21 – Kings of War

This week we received the latest Kings of War releases which included the Cavern Dweller for Northern Alliance, and the Knucker, Depth Horror Eternal, and Siren for the Trident Realms.

Cavern Dweller – Webstore Price £13.60 £16.00

Cavern Dwellers are but one of the horrors found within the expansive northern ice caves. These creatures are able to slow their metabolisms and go years without food. They lurk motionless in the darkness, waiting for their prey to wander within their ensnaring reach. They are blind but their remaining senses are highly tuned. With the willing assistance of the cruel cave trolls, a clan may risk the dangers of capturing one of these ghastly beings to keep it chained up for years. Starving and half mad, it will then be goaded to battle where its voracious appetite is then unleashed upon the enemy.

Knucker – Webstore Price £13.60 £16.00

These water-wyrms use their chameleon like abilities and stealth to slither unseen as they hunt their quarry. They are lightning fast predators and strike to kill with unerring accuracy, stunning their prey if not killing them outright.

Depth Horror Eternal – Webstore Price £8.00 £10.00

In the dark, cold places beneath the waves, horrifying creatures lurk in a submarine world almost devoid of light. The Depth Horror Eternals are ugly, horrible brutes that haul themselves from their watery lairs to delight in the rich flavour of the fresh meat on offer in the strange, dry world above.

Siren – Webstore Price £8.00

Sirens were once Naiads that, against all odds, fell deeply in love with beings not of the realms. When an unlikely lover does not return or is killed, a Siren’s vengeance can be terrible. They live with an unfathomable grief and their haunting songs ripple across the ocean, luring unfortunates to their eventual doom when they do not live up to their warped and broken dreams.