Weekly Update – w/c 05/09

Sunday 5th – Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament – £7 Entry Fee
Starting from 12:00
Friend of the Shop Dayle from Zephyr Wargames will be running a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament for anyone willing to join.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – £3.50 Table Fee
Starting from 16:00
Come down and join in on some battles across the Mortal Realms

Monday 13th – Mantic Mondays – £3.50 Table Fee
Starting from 12:00
Open Gaming, Modelling or Painting available all day and evening. Come done and try out games made by Mantic Games, like Kings of War the regiment based fantasy battle game, or The Walking Dead All Out War the modern skirmish game based on the series of the same name, and more.

Wednesday 8th – RPG Night(Dungeons & Dragons) & Bot War – £3.50 Table Fee per person
Starting from 18:00
Join one of our many role-playing groups for an evening of high adventure in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Every fortnight our Dungeon masters will take you on a fantastic adventure where your character can battle creatures, solve puzzles and attain treasure!

Or come down to try the game Bot War which pitches transformers-like bots against each other.

Thursday 9th – Heroclix Night – £3.50 Table Fee per person
Starting from 18:00
Heroclix is a simple to learn game where you play a force of heroes, villains, and/or everything in between against your opponent’s force. If you like comics that’s even better as most of the Heroclix range are models of DC or Marvel characters.

Friday 10th – Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament – £7 Entry Fee
Enter from 18:00, Round 1 Start at 19:00
Come join our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh for the chance to win Offical Tournament Store packs, each participant will receive 1 OTS pack just for joining with an additional pack put into a prize pool for the top cut of players.

Saturday 11th – Bolt Action Day – £3.50 Table Fee per person
Starting from 12:00
Come join us for some World War 2 miniature games! Fight in on the land, sea, and air in Bolt Action, Victory at Sea, and Blood Red Skies respectivly. Looking for something with a bit more science fiction than look at Konflict ’47 where the war continues with mechs, and other paranormal units like zombies, werebears, and more.