Weekly Update – w/c 04/07

Wednesday 7th – Role-Playing Night – Shadowrun – £3.50 Table Fee per person
Starting from 18:00
Join us for an evening of high tech adventure in the Shadowrun world. Every fortnight our Games Masters will take you on a fantastic adventure where your character can battle corrupt corporations, hack into AI mainframes and attain bigger and better bionics and upgrades!

Thursday 8th – Heroclix Wonder Woman 80th Blind Tournament – £30 Entry
Starting from 18:00
In this swiss-style tournament you will receive 2 sealed Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary boosters. Using the figures you get in the boosters, you will create a 300 point force to face off against the other player’s forces.

Friday 9th – Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament – £7 Entry Fee
Enter from 18:00, Round 1 Start at 19:00
Come join our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh for the chance to win Offical Tournament Store packs, each participant will receive 1 OTS pack just for joining with an additional pack put into a prize pool for the top 3 places.

Saturday 10th – Warhammer Underworlds Demo Day – £3.50 Table Fee per person
Starting from 12:00
We will be hosting a demo day for the Games Workshop game Warhammer Underwolds. Come join us for battles between various warbands in the Mortal Realms. Warhammer Underworlds is a game that combines a miniature game with deck building. With the power deck you can upgrade your fighters using glory points or use ploys to interrupt your opponent’s plan and further your own.