Battlefront – Flames of War – North Africa Mid-War Supplement Book


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North Africa Mid-War Forces is a 264 hardback book that contains Army lists for German, Italian, British, and American forces in the Western Desert and Mediterranean, including Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry, and Airborne forces, as well as specialist forces like British Commandos and American Rangers.

Whether you are returning to the Mid-War period or starting from scratch, everything you need is now easily accessible in one place. The North Africa compilation includes all of the existing Mid-War books for the war in the desert:

Afrika Korps, 90th Light, and Death from Above for the Germans,
Armoured Fist and Red Devils for the British,
Avanti and more from Death from Above for the Italians, and
Fighting First and All American for the Americans.

A copy of the Flames of War rulebook is neccessary to use the contents of this book.