Bot War Miniature Game – Deceivers – Mirror Warriors


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This set comes with enough parts to make 3 Mirror Warriors.

Mirror warriors are Megatyrants answer to Electrotyrants drones. Being unable to duplicate Electrotyrants advances in drone technology Megatyrant instead split a Deceiver code into bodies of Scope. This works much like the way Infesters can voluntarily split off their own code to make clones of themselves.

It is now unusual to see a Deceiver force without at least one Mirror Warrior in its ranks. Some would say that Megatyrants has come to rely on the Mirror Warriors to make up numbers and protect his more loyal Deceivers from the curse of Infester.

Mirror Warriors can be used in Deceiver or Snake Corp factions. As the Bot War raged Snake Corp has battles the Deceivers many times. During those battles the Snake Corp troops have encountered Mirror Warriors. These are Bots with much more simple codes than other Bots. Some would say they are soulless warriors.

However this means that the bodies of these fallen automatons can be repaired and reprogrammed and after extensive research in the COILS labs, Mindtwist has succeeded in resurrecting the superiorly built Mirror Warriors into Snake Corp service. Having achieved Board approval the limited number of Mirror Warriors now accompany Snake Corp troops on missions where Bot contact is expected.

This is a Resin multipart kit.

This set comes with 3 x 40mm round black plastic base.

Assembly required. Superglue required. Models supplied unpainted.