Crooked Dice – 7TV – Cinematic Skirmish Game – The 80’s Hardback Gerne Guide


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Fire up the VCR and press ‘Play’ on the classic action, glitz and glamour of this colourful, exciting decade!

Inside this 200 page hardback genre guide you will find everything you need to recreate your favourite 80s movie or show on the tabletop, including:

127 new profiles – a swathe of Neutral Stars and Co-Stars to reflect the ‘blurred lines’ of 80s anti-heroes.

Plus 88 Extras to bolster your casts!

New script deck – 7TV: The 80s uses a deck of unique script cards to mark the countdown to the climax of the episode.
Each script card contains an iconic quote and an in-game effect that benefits the player.

New genres – explore six new genres – Cold War, Frightmare, Greed & Glamour, Hired Help, Rebel State and Silicon Dream.

New props and maguffins – we add more buffs and iconic items to add to your games including BMX Bike, Fast Food, Demonic Box, Red Bandana and Time Travel Device!

New Episodes and Tropes – 12 Classic Episodes from the 8TV back catalogue offering a glimpse into the making of each production, with suggestions for using profiles and accessories from this genre guide to help you recreate key cinematic skirmishes from these classic episodes.

You will need the 7TV Core Rulebook to play with this supplement