Crooked Dice – 7TV – Cinematic Skirmish Games – Core Rulebook


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The 7TV Core Rulebook has everything you need to recreate your favourite movie or show on the tabletop!

7TV is a miniatures skirmish game that enables you to re-create the action set pieces of your favourite movies and tv series, or invent entirely new productions straight out of your imagination – on the tabletop!

Eight years after the release of 7TV second edition, Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have consolidated all the rules from the previous four boxed sets into definitive cinematic skirmish ruleset. Find out more about 7TV here.

Inside this 288 page volume is included:

Cast Building – Will you play a globe-trotting academic and his stalwart sidekicks in their search for ancient artifacts? Perhaps your cast will be a brave fellowship embarking on an epic quest? Or will you be a ragtag collection of heroes trying to rescue a princess from a hidden fortress? Or are you drawn to dark villainy and attempt to hold the world to ransom?

Game Rules – When the director shouts ‘action’ you need to hit your marks and get ready to give it all! All the basic mechanics of the game are explained in this chapter.

Effects Department – We explore the industry’s light and magic that help lift your production values! That’s weapon effects, special effects, statuses (including two new ones), props, magic (with four new spell books) and vehicles!

Advanced Rules – There’s some new content for veteran players – genres, injuries, tropes and director’s cuts and campaign rules to help bring more of the silver screen to your tabletop!

Episodes – Learn about what happens in the prologue, episode and epilogue. Enjoy six classic Open Play episodes with new Director’s Cut features to give variety to your games. There’s three Narrative Episodes to play, plus 18 new Tropes and some light touch campaign rules to link your games.

Central Casting – we list all profile cards for 16 Stars, 16 Co-Stars, 58 Extras and 12 vehicles that cover six broad cinematic genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Horror and Sci-Fi!

Appendices with all tokens and templates needed for play

Included are production notes to help you find important rules quickly. We’ve also standardised a few terms that differ across the older boxed sets – but never fear – the rules themselves stay exactly the same!