Mantic Games – Kings of War – Dwarfs – Army Painter Warpaints Dwarfs Paint Set


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Dwarfs are expert craftsmen, workers of metal beyond compare and their Warsmiths experiment endlessly. Their artefacts are wondrous creations and all of them, from jeweled clockworks of marvelous intricacy to newfangled black powder weaponry are much sought after. Their armour and weaponry are the envy of the world, their technology giving them superior advantage in times of war, yet all of it can be bought, for a price.

WP1133 Weapon Bronze
WP1231 Bright Gold
WP1127 Tanned Flesh
WP1136 Quickshade Dark Tone Wash
WP1218 Babe Blonde
WP1206 Dirt Spatter
WP1460 Vampire Red
WP1431 Hemp Rope
WP1464 Werewolf Fur
WP1430 Hardened Carapace