Marvel – School of X – The Siege of X-41

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The next prose novel in Marvel and Aconyte Books’ SCHOOL OF X line is The Siege of X-41.

In The Siege of X-41, written by the critically-acclaimed Tristan Palmgren, Omega-level mutant Elixir must come to terms with his anti-mutant upbringing while fighting off vampiric mermen and a leviathan of ancient lore in this intense survival adventure.

Once, Joshua Foley hated mutants, then he became one. It’s… problematic.

When Elixir’s healing powers manifested, the violent anti-mutant Reavers rejected him and only the X-Men offered sanctuary. Now he’s surrounded by mutants who still see him as their enemy. A deep-sea training mission isolates him with a select team of new X-Men — Anole, Graymalkin, Triage, Crosta, Nature Girl, and Karma — to learn how to survive extreme environments as a team. Which would be bad enough, but then the attacks begin.

A sect of sea monster-worshiping vampire mermen besiege the base, leaving them stranded and trapped. As the attacks escalate, their chances of survival plummet. Things go from awful to even worse when one of their team begins sabotaging their attempts to call for help, all in the name of a sleeping behemoth soon to awake…

It isn’t easy being extraordinary. Superhuman powers can be both a gift and a curse in a world where those talents can be used for good or evil. The Siege of X-41 is the latest prose installment in the SCHOOL OF X’s line, following the young members of the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants. The series explores their stories of adventure, defiance, and growth as these characters discover their abilities, a new “found family,” and their place in the world.