Weekly Update – w/c 24/05

On Wednesday we are continuing our RPG nights with Shadowrun and Dungeons & Dragons. This will be the first session for the Shadowrun group, and Dungeons & Dragons sees the party continue their journey asking themselves, “what will we encounter in Barovia?” and “Will we ever make it out of the Shadowfel”.

Thursday will see some more Heroclix action against various comic heroes and villains, along with a remote duel Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament with a remote duel playmat and mini mat up for grabs. Entry for the tournament is £6 and will be hosted in our Discord server (The Pit Gaming Shop), Round 1 will start at 19:00.

We have another in-store Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament on Friday starting at 19:00 this week and will be last of this month’s Back to Duels tournaments which will include prizes for the top players this month. Entry Fee will be £7

Saturday will be busy with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Bot War Demos, and Star Wars Armada.

Sunday is a special Yu-Gi-Oh! event for the next core booster Lightning Overdrive. In this event you will be able to but packs of the new set before its official release the following week. Some promotional items will be given to people that buy a full booster box. Players who enter the tournament will also be in with a chance of winning a sealed booster box and a playmat featuring the Lightning Overdrive cover monster. Entry for this tournament will be £10, and round 1 will start at 12:30.