Firefight Second Edition Pre-Orders

We are getting in all the new Firefight releases for the Second Edition launch, this includes a new two-player starter set, as well as strike force boxes to get you started whichever your preferred faction is.

All items are avaliable to pre-order here and will be avaliable from the 19th of April.

Firefight is a squad-based, sci-fi wargame set in the distant future. However, this isn’t a dark, dystopian future where everyone is always fighting for their lives. This is a future where capitalism has run rampant and humanity’s grip on the galaxy continues to squeeze ever tighter.

Giant corporations, collected together under the umbrella of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (GCPS), grow rich on exploiting the natural resources of planets spread throughout the galaxy. In order to do this, they recruit sprawling armies to defend their assets… and wipe out the local population, should they become hostile.

These conflicts are represented in Firefight through epic skirmishes on the tabletop. Typically a game will feature around 40-60 miniatures, with a mix of infantry, airships soaring through the sky and tanks trundling across the battlefield. It has alternating activations, which ensures gameplay is dynamic and you never have to wait long until it’s your turn to roll some dice and starting blasting!