Anomalia Games – Terrain Tiles – HDF – Cliff Ramps & Cliff Transitions

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HDF Cliff Ramps & Cliff Transitions.

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Two Cliff Ramp Terrain Tiles.

Flat-packed for self-assembly.

The Cliff Ramp is a unique piece of 30x30cm (~1×1′) relief, intended to add an interesting, self-contained way to access Cliffs from lower levels without the need for additional Slope or Cliff Transition tiles.

Two Cliff Transition Terrain Tiles.

Flat-packed for self-assembly.

The Cliff Transition adds another way to cap off your Cliff tiles by adding this 30x30cm (~1×1′) to your board. This tile can be assembled mirrored in a ‘right hand’ or ‘left hand’ configuration with no additional parts, allowing versitilie ways to access your Cliffs.

Box contains
Item Quantity
Cliff Ramp Terrain Tiles 2
Cliff Transition TerrainTile 2
Instruction manual 1

Compatible with all other TerrainTiles.

Terrain Tiles is a range of flat-packed, self-assembly, interlocking tiles aimed at taking your tabletop game of choice to the next level by providing a good mixture of elevated and depressed ground, wide space and customisability while still being transportable, very sturdy and easy to assemble, break down and set up.

• Made from a higher density fibreboard for additional durability and rigidity
• Modular set engineered to interlock with other TerrainTiles from our range
• Ready to accept primers and paints
• Self-assembly set with full printed instructions – each tile takes typically 15 minutes to build
• Friction-fit assembly on our grid framework means only a small amount of glue is needed during assembly
• Made to work with any scale model
• Works with imperial standard board dimensions – every full-scale tile is 1×1′ (30x30cm)

What you will need
• PVA-based glue (we recommend a sandable PVA-based wood glue, but any PVA will work)