Battlefront – Flames of War – Italian Decal Pack


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This Italian decal set covers the forces of the Italian Army and includes divisional insignias, tactical numbers, number plates and air recognition crosses. It can be used for Early and Mid-war Italian forces.

Contains 2x Sheet One; 2x Sheet Two.

Sheet One features: Tactical markings for 1st and 3rd Armoured Companies; Divisional insignia for the Centauro Division; Divisional insignia for the Aritete Division; Tactical markings for the Semovente; Tactical markings for the Lancieri di Novara; Italian number plates.

Sheet Two features: Tactical markings for 2nd Armoured Company; Tactical markings for the Semovente da 90; Divisional insignia for the 1st Eugenio di Savona Celere (Fast) Division; Divisional insignia for the Duca d’ Austa; Air Recognition Crosses; Australian Kangaroos for captured vehicles.