Battlefront – Flames of War – Italian – Semovente (Long 75mm) SP Battery

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Includes three Semovente (long 75mm) Self-propelled Guns, one 8 Million Bayonet dice and two Unit Cards.

The Semovente da 75/34 was an improved design armed with a lengthened 75/34 gun and a more powerful engine.

The design was completed by late 1942 and Fiat Ansaldo produced 190 by September 1943 when Italy surrendered.

With the Italo-German forces pushed back across the border into Tunisia, the Royal Army could have rushed early prototypes of the long-barrelled Semovente to North Africa to help stop the Allied advance.

Even then, large-scale deployment would have delayed until the fighting retreat to Tunis in April 1943 while they resolved mechanical problems with the new engine and the 75/34 gun mounting.

Models Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.