Battlefront – Flames of War – Mid-War – Stalingrad – German Vs Soviet – Eastern Front Starter Set

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This set is the best entry point for anyone wanting to build Soviet and German infantry forces on the Eastern Front.

Includes the following: One German force, One Soviet Force, Complete A5 Flames of War Rulebook, One Quick Start Guide, Twelve Unit Cards

Despite being driven back from the gates of Moscow in the winter offensive, the Germans advanced again in the summer of 1942. The Red Army launched attack after attack to throw the invaders back, but nothing could stop them from overunning southern Russia and reaching the Volga River at Stalingrad. In the bitter street fighting of autumn, the Red Army bled the Germans white. Then, as winter set in, the Soviets launched another series of offensives that regained all that they had lost.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.